List the Two Executive Agreements

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First, let`s define what an executive agreement is. An executive agreement is a treaty-like agreement between the President of the United States and a foreign government. It does not require Senate approval, unlike a treaty, but it still holds the weight of international law.

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To meet the needs of our readers, we should also provide a clear and concise list of the two main executive agreements. While there are many executive agreements that have been signed throughout history, we can focus on the two most significant ones. These are:

1. The Helinski Accords: Signed in 1975, this agreement was a series of diplomatic initiatives aimed at easing tensions between the Soviet Union and the West. It addressed issues such as human rights, arms control, and economic relations.

2. The Paris Agreement: Signed in 2015, this agreement was a landmark international treaty on climate change. It was negotiated by representatives of 196 countries and outlines a plan to reduce global carbon emissions and limit global warming.

In addition to our list, we should provide some context for each agreement, including why they were significant and what impact they had on foreign policy. We should also include some related keywords and phrases throughout the article, such as “diplomatic relations,” “international agreements,” and “U.S. foreign policy.”

By following these guidelines, we can create an article that not only lists the two main executive agreements but also provides valuable context for readers and ranks well on search engine results pages.

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